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Association´s Architectural Control Committee (ACC) Downloads

To see the meeting schedule for the Architectural Control Committee, please click here.


Architectural Control

All property owners in Las Colinas are bound by the covenants, conditions and deed restrictions contained in the Las Colinas Declaration. You should have received a copy of this Declaration when you purchased your property in Las Colinas, for an online copy, download the Master Declaration here. In addition, there are Supplementary Declarations which contain standards for specific areas within Las Colinas. You should have received this document, as well, at closing. If you would like to request another copy, please contact the Association, and one will be mailed to you.

Architectural Control and Plan Review

Architectural Control and Plan Review provides for the review and approval of plans prior to construction of or improvements to any home, commercial building or other structure built on deed restricted property. This includes, but is not limited to, exterior color choices and materials, landscaping, and plant material and signage.

Before work on any property or building begins, an ACC Submission Form must be completed and submitted to the Association along with the appropriate fees and complete plans and sample materials. The Association´s Plan Review staff will evaluate each submission for compliance and advise the property owner of any non-compliance that would require changes before the proposal is brought before the Architectural Control Committee for a vote.

Staff continues to monitor projects post-construction to ensure that plans are implemented as approved.

Following staff review, the submission is presented to either the residential or commercial review subcommittee. When reviewing submissions, the committee members consider how the proposed structure or changes will conform to existing structures and design, and consider the overall aesthetics of the proposal. The subcommittees meet on alternate Thursdays. You may obtain the current month's schedule by calling the Association reception desk at 972.541.2345.

For additional information about Architectural Control or Plan Review, e-mail plans@lascolinas.org

Before work on any property or building begins, an ACC Submission Form must be completed and submitted to the Association.
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