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  Covenant Enforcement
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All property owners in Las Colinas are bound by the covenants, conditions, and deed restrictions contained in the Las Colinas Declaration. You should have received a copy of this Declaration when you purchased your property in Las Colinas. For an online copy, click on this link (Master Declaration). In addition, there are Supplementary Declarations which contain standards for specific areas within Las Colinas. You should have received this document as well at closing. If you would like to request another copy, please contact the Association, and one will be mailed to you.

The Master Declaration also sets forth maintenance standards for the structures and surrounding landscaping. The Association has a staff of seven Covenant Enforcement officers who routinely monitor all properties in the development for ongoing maintenance as well as compliance with these standards. Building and landscape maintenance of both commercial and residential property is routinely checked for compliance with the previously-approved plans. When non-compliance is noted, the property is notified by way of a letter indicating which items must be corrected. The Association works with owners to develop a timeframe within which the needed repairs or changes must be made.

The uniform observance of and adherence to these requirements by all property owners helps protect the quality of community life and property values for everyone. If you have questions about the Architectural Control Committee (ACC), Plan Review, or Covenant Enforcement process, please contact the Association.

To request additional information about Architectural Control, Plan Review or to report violations, e-mail enforcement@lascolinas.org.

Adherence to these requirements helps protect the quality of community life and property values.
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