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  Estoppel Certificate
Request Forms
Estoppel Certificate Request Form »


Request Forms

Estoppel Certificate Request Form »

Estoppel Certificate will state the annual assessment amount, period it covers, any delinquent monies owed and any problems pending against the property (i.e., if the property is not in compliance with the plans approved by the Architectural Control Committee or current Deed Restrictions). The request will be processed as soon as possible with a goal of completion within a 30-day period. A copy of the certificate will be emailed to you and the original mailed. The current document processing fee that is due prior to issuance is as follows:

• Apartment Complex $400
• Commercial Property $200

An Estoppel update is one-half of the original document processing fee and is also due prior to issuance.

If you have any questions regarding the Estoppel Certificate for the Master Association, e-mail resale@lascolinas.org or fax 972.717.9628.

Property owners in the residential villages also pay an additional assessment to their independent homeowners or condominium association to support the various services instrumental to their village. If you need information regarding village assessments, please visit Neighborhood & Villages.

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