Spirit of Las Colinas
Legendary Las Colinian:
Bob Morris
By Amanda Star Cline

Bob Morris

Robert L. “Bob” Morris has worn many hats including Purex bleach salesman, foreman, city councilman, rancher, airplane builder, home builder and even worked for Hi-C Orange. One of the spry 96-year old’s more interesting paths in life took him to the Battle of the Bulge as part of the 6th armored division. Millennials would probably (and loudly) protest the idea of a draft but at this pivotal moment in history men under age 26 were forced to military service in order to defend the homeland. Regarding the draft, Private First Class Morris says, “I had to go. I didn’t have any choice”. With his pregnant wife and child, Morris left his Irving home for basic training in Tyler, Texas. After basic training, Morris boarded the Queen Mary and three days later arrived at Scotland, eventually joining his outfit at Metz, France.

The Battle of the Bulge occurred from Dec. 16, 1944 to Jan. 25, 1945 and is significant to U.S. history because this battle was a severe blow to Germany's armored forces on the western front. Initially, Hitler was confident the Germans would defeat the Allied powers because they exceedingly outnumbered the American military with men, guns and tanks. Morris recalls hearing “about the Battle of the Bulge and about the paratroopers getting surrounded up there and Germany making their last stand, you might say. So they needed everybody that they could get to go up there and surround the Germans and try to make them give up which we did.”

The 9th, 11th and other armored divisions were fresh from the states and inexperienced thus getting “shot all to pieces”, so other divisions like Morris’s were summoned to strengthen allied presence and force. Morris’s job was to act as the front for other groups; his outfit was responsible for penetrating the Siegfried line and the Maginot line (twice). The Siegfried Line was a 390-mile border of defensive forts, tanks, tank traps, trenches, tunnels, water-filled ditches built by Germany to keep the Allied powers at bay. To the west of the Siegfried Line was the Maginot line which contained many large underground fortresses, block houses, bunkers, shelters, anti-tank obstacles, dense woods ended south of the Belgium border. The Maginot Line was thought be impregnable. In 1940, Germany powers had overtaken Maginot line and by the time Morris and his outfit had arrived, the Germans had been there for 4 years.

With their half-track vehicles and tanks, Morris and the 6th armored division would provide aid to tanks that were stalled by enemy fire. Before the 6th armored division arrived in an area, approximately 35 fighter planes would bomb the area to clear the way for troops. “We didn’t take prisoners. A lot of them wanted to give up; they had their hands up. We went in with guns blazing in all those towns.” While the outfit was not equipped to take prisoners of war, a second group of foot troops would follow and collect POWs. Morris recalls that at one point, mortar shells landed in the back of the half-track vehicle he was in, killing most of his group and injuring the rest.

Another major element that Morris remembers at The Battle of the Bulge is the weather. “The weather was bad most of the time. It was raining all winter, mist and snow”. The weather was so severe that many soldiers ended up with horrible case of frostbite, in fact, average replacement was 3 ½ times per man due to injury and death. Other reports have referred to the weather that covered the Battle of the Bulge location as near Artic-conditions, Polar Air Mass, and coldest on record. Soldiers dealt with blizzards, freezing rain, zero visibility and frost. Oftentimes, weapons and tanks would be frozen solid. In the geographic location where the battle took place, a single snow storm could deposit a depth of 10-12 inches within a day’s time. In the foxholes is where Morris recalls almost freezing to death. Morris’s frostbitten feet eventually landed him in an English hospital for 3 months. Interestingly enough, a member of the hospital administration was from San Antonio, Texas and sought to help out fellow Texan Morris by offering him a limited assignment at the hospital, which Morris turned down so he could finish his time on the front line. When all was said and done, Germans had lost more than 100,000 men while the Americans lost 81,000.

Morris completed his term and was sent to Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio. “They dropped the atomic bomb as we were coming back on the ship to depart for the states”. A few years ago, Morris was invited to attend an Honor Flight tour which transports America’s Veterans to visit memorials and monuments dedicated to their service and sacrifice. In Morris’s home, a plaque hangs on the wall that reads:

“Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge, Know ye, by all men, that PFC Robert L. Morris 38 687 179, Company C, 50th Armored Infantry Battalion, 6th Armored Division Participated, endured and survived the greatest land battle, The Battle of the Bulge, every fought and won by the United States Army, 16 December, 1944 - 25 January 1945”.

In addition to receiving two bronze stars, the Legendary Las Colinian was celebrated with the Combat Infantryman’s badge and a Good Conduct medal. Despite being a part of one of U.S. history’s most bloodiest and uncertain times, the brave father of three says, “I’ve had a good life and the good Lord has been good to me”.

Legendary Las Colonians is a column devoted to individuals who live or work in Las Colinas and have had extraordinary lives or experiences. If you know someone who has an interesting story or you have an interesting story, please email Amanda S. Cline at acline@lascolinas.org. Special Thanks to Jimmy Dammer for nominating
Mr. Bob Morris.


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The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers routinely must continue to release water from Lewisville, Grapevine and Ray Roberts lakes because other bodies of water are at capacity. The outcome is unfortunately causing flood-like conditions around the Campion Trail and Trinity River areas. Las Colinas/Irving area has also experienced some seasonal rains, which in turn, exacerbate flooding. When lake levels are finally normalized and trail flood waters have receded, the City will begin cleanup and infrastructure repair. For updates on the City of Irving/Parks and Rec. go to: http://cityofirving.org/808/Parks-and-Recreation.

On behalf of LCA, we would like to say Thank You to all of our property owners who paid their 2016 Annual Assessments on time in July! Please remember the past due date was July 31st.

The corner of Las Colinas Blvd. and O’Connor, future Water street development is still expected to open in Fall of 2017. Las Colinas’s other big development, Music Factory, is still on track to open in Fall of 2017. ARK Group announced that ALL of the 100,000 sq. ft. office tower at The Irving Music Factory at Las Colinas has been leased to Ethos Group based in Irving. Lastly, planning is still under way at Verizon at Hidden Ridge. For updates on Music Factory and Water Street go to: http://musicfactory.com

LCA will close at noon on Friday, September 2, and remained closed all day Monday, September 5 in recognition of Labor Day.
Canal Fest 2016 Recap

Canal Fest is an annual festival that celebrates fun, food, music and culture on the beautiful canals of Las Colinas. In support of The City of Irving, The Las Colinas Association provided the only dog-watering station at Canal Fest. Canal Fest goers had access to wonderful food and drinks, so why not dogs? All in all, LCA staff had a blast! Many people approached our booth with questions regarding LCA. One person mentioned that Las Colinas felt like the “safest environment” they had ever lived in. What a compliment!! Others mentioned the beauty of Las Colinas, something we are very proud of.

Twenty-five swag bags, restaurant guides, Las Colinas information, complimentary spa days from Pet Paradise and other goodies were given out to Canal Fest attendees. Many, many dogs visited the LCA watering hole for H20 and milk bones.

Special Thanks to Pet Paradise for their pet goody basket donation that was raffled off. We also would like to thank the NYLO for their donation of a 1 night stay and breakfast for 2 that we were able to give away during our scavenger hunt. We gave clues on social media as well as at our tent and a lovely couple found the hidden prize (a pink and white luggage tag) and redeemed their prize.

Follow Up with Scavenger Hunt Winner's from Canal Fest 2016

We had the opportunity to follow up with the winners and ask a few questions.

Do you live or work in Las Colinas?
Lisa and I own and operate Massage Integration, a mobile spa massage service for the DFW Metroplex that specializes in In-Home Massage, Hotel Massage, Office Chair Massage and Energy Healing services similar to Reiki at MassageIntegration.com. We have many in-home clients in the Las Colinas-Irving area. We also send our therapists to the Four Seasons, Omni, NYLO, Hyatt and other area hotels. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, our therapists are available at The Tower and The Summit buildings for their tenants. We moved to Las Colinas four years ago to help establish our business there and now live in Uptown. We love Las Colinas and the Urban Center so much that we regularly attend events there as well as the Las Colinas Symphony when in season and I go to the Byron Nelson each year. Las Colinas has so much to offer and remains one of our favorite areas in Dallas/Fort Worth.

What brought you to Canal Fest?
Kevin is also a Fine Art Photographer at SeeUnSeeN.com and was asked to contribute his photography for sale during Canal Fest. Canal Fest is an awesome event where we can enjoy great local art, the canals, listen to great local and global music performances, and we can bring along our dog Bowie who is a Chiweenie, half Chihuahua,and half Dachshund, so you know he's a party animal.

Did you follow us on LasColinasTex social media to get any clues?
I did not start following until after we found the pink/white luggage tag, but will in the future so we can get in on the great info provided there.

Did you stop by our tent for clues?
We stopped by your Las Colinas Association tent because we saw information on Pet Paradise, a spa resort for doggies, that we thought Bowie might enjoy staying at as he is very particular regarding his accommodations. As we spoke to the ladies working your tent, they let us know about the scavenger hunt. They told us that it was down on the canal somewhere, and so we headed out in search of the prize leaving with a Milk Bone treat for Bowie.

How long did you look for the prize?
Using out intuitive senses, we headed out, down into the canal area. I asked Lisa which way to go and she said "right." We have a knack for this sort of thing since we do energy healing and our intuitive senses are highly developed. We walked right down the canal path and in about 5 minutes I spotted the pink luggage tag on the ground under a tree.

Can you describe how you felt when you found the hidden prize?
Awesome!!! To think that literally hundreds of people had walked by the luggage tag and had not seen it, and that we had virtually led ourselves right to it really made for just another amazing sense of how fortunate and blessed we are in this amazing world full of opportunity and abundance. It was meant to be, so when you are in the flow, go with the flow!!

Was this a fun game? Would you play again in the future?
Yes, it was great fun, I'll play again tomorrow because you have awesome sponsors and great gifts :)

Feel free to tell us your story and what your plans are for using the Voucher at the NYLO.
Lisa and I are getting married two weeks from that Saturday of the Canal Fest on June 25. After the ceremony, we are staying in the Dallas area for the weekend to celebrate and are taking an extended honeymoon later in August in Napa Valley. When we won the hotel and spa package at the NYLO Las Colinas, we decided to head straight over to the hotel after we were finished walking around Canal Fest. We walked in and loved the place, especially since we are familiar with the location since we do mobile massage there. We were greeted by the manager, we showed him we had just won the gift certificate for a weekend stay and told him we were in need of a room in two weeks for our stay-cation honeymoon. He immediately made reservations for us for June 25 as there was availability and upgraded us to the Glass Room Suites on the top floor at no extra charge. The staff there at the NYLO congratulated up on our upcoming wedding, our winning their weekend getaway prize, and committed to making out honeymoon stay there a special event indeed. We canceled our other reservation saving us over $330 that we can put back into the wedding. What an amazing day, and we just want to thank the NYLO Las Colinas and The Las Colinas Association for helping us take our wedding experience to the next level of luxury and excitement. Life is good!

Education Section
BackpackIrving ISD 6th Annual Supplies for Success

Irving ISD in collaboration with the City of Irving Mayor & Fire Department is organizing the 6th Annual Supplies for Success Drive. The community-wide school supply drive has generated an average of $10,000 worth of donated school supplies annually for economically disadvantaged students at Irving ISD. This has assisted about 300 students every school year. Currently, over 80% of our 34,000 students fall into this category so the need is great.

All are encouraged to assist in one of three ways:

  • Organize your own company school supply drive and donate the items directly to your Irving ISD Partner in Education School (set up delivery time with your school liaison).
  • Organize your own company school supply drive and sort the donated items in one of two methods:
    1. Stuff backpacks with items on enclosed list & make notes on each backpack if there are missing items or
    2. Sort them items by type, pack them into boxes and label them with inventory detail on outside of box. These donations can be delivered to your nearest City of Irving fire station.
  • Donate funds to Irving ISD that will allow us to purchase items for our students in need. Supply kits range in price from about $30-60. Checks can be made to: Irving ISD and mailed to ATTN: Partners in Education, Irving ISD, P.O. Box 152637, Irving, TX 75015-2637.

School supply donations will be distributed directly to families in need at the Annual Back to School Fiesta at Irving Mall on August 18th from 3-7pm.

Shop Local Remember to Shop Local for Tax-Free Weekend
In 2016, Texas shoppers get a break from state and local sales taxes on Aug. 5-7 — the state's annual tax holiday. As in previous years, the law exempts most clothing, footwear, school supplies and backpacks priced under $100 from sales and use taxes, which could save shoppers about $8 on every $100 they spend. Click here to see the list of qualifying clothing, footwear and other items sold during the sales tax holiday.


Irving ISD 8/22/16
Coppell ISD 8/22/16
Carrolton-Farmers Branch ISD 8/22/16

Community Section

New Member Spotlight

Q: Why did you choose to live in Las Colinas (over other areas)?
A: My husband works in downtown Fort Worth and the commute from Oak Lawn there was a killer. I practice law mostly in Dallas so Las Colinas was the perfect spot in the middle. Plus, no other neighborhood we looked at even compared!

Q: What are you hobbies? What groups are you involved with?
A: I am involved with Legal Hospice of Texas and the Dallas Bar Association. In terms of hobbies, we like puzzling and playing checkers.

Q: Where did you move from? If moving from within Texas, How long have you been in Texas?
A: Oak Lawn in Dallas. We have lived in Texas all our lives. I'm from Houston and Nash is from Uvalde.

Q: Favorite food?
A: For me it's any type of pasta dish and for Nash it’s steak for sure.

Q: Your favorite thing(s) about Las Colinas?
A: How friendly everyone is and how beautiful it is. We have been so happy since we moved here. It's just such a nice escape from the city but Dallas isn't too far away either. Our dog, Bouncer, has been so much happier since we moved! He loves it here! Way more squirrels to terrorize!

Q. What restaurants, stores, events or activities would you like to see here in Las Colinas?
A: We would definitely like to see more restaurants but other than that we think it is a great neighborhood and we are so excited to be living here!

Covenant Chat with Brad DeMarco
Brad DeMarcoLas Colinas, a Master Planned Community has a reputation of being a premier place to live, work, or own a business. Our goal and thrust is to work with property owners to help maintain and sustain what started over 40 years ago. To accomplish this end it is important for us to reach out to our members educating them about the Covenants that have been put in place to protect the beauty of this renowned community. It is the voluntary compliance of the members that assures the aesthetic integrity.

Did you know… if you make changes to the exterior of your property, a submission form needs to be filled out and completed giving all the details like material, color, size, location, along with a plan and sent to the Las Colinas Association office for the Architectural Control Committee to review? There is an application fee for some changes (see fee schedule).

Did you know…even if the changes are made in the side or back yard enclosed by a cedar wood fence; you still need to complete a submission and obtain approval prior to commencing the project? If you have any questions just drop us an email along with your phone number to http://www.lascolinas.org

You can find submission forms and fee schedules at http://www.lascolinas.org. At the top of the page click on the A-Z tab and you will see the ACC submission form and fees under the “A.”

Anytime you have a question please do not hesitate to call. We are here to serve you!

Creixel Property

1826 Cottonwood Valley Circle North • Irving, TX 75038


Raising Canes

7955 N. MacArthur Blvd. • Irving, TX 75063
Business Section
After 5 in LC
When you’re looking for your next happy hour place, look no further than the The Ranch At Las Colinas situated behind Champps on John Carpenter Freeway. With smoking and non-smoking sections, two spacious bars, a beautiful new patio, outdoor fireplace, and live acoustic nightly, you can’t go wrong. The Ranch caters to professional/business clientele, as well as large groups. What is really unique about this happy hour place is the exceptional number of Texas Spirits. The Ranch boasts an impressive Texas Whiskey Flight that includes bourbons and whiskeys from cities of Houston, Waco, Hye and Fort Worth. Many of The Ranch’s signature drinks use Austin-based spirits like flavored Deep Eddy Vodkas, Titos Handmade Vodka, Dulce Vida Tequila and Z Tequila Blanco.

Director of Operations at The Ranch, Judd Fruia, states that they “get the best local spirits, from large batches to small batches”. While Texas Spirits are high quality, the industry has continued to gain popularity in recent years. Since it’s inception 7 years ago, The Ranch has help to spearhead the “Go Texan” movement by sourcing local in spirits, beer and food.

What you should order:
The top selling beverage (and signature drink) is Tito’s Frozen Tea and manager Steve recommends the Texas Mule.
Happy Hour Info:
Mondays-Saturdays, 4pm-7pm.
Closed on Sundays.
The Ranch at Las Colinas is located at 857 W. John Carpenter Freeway Irving, Texas 75039.

After 5 in LC seeks to inform local business professionals on happy hour hotspots in Las Colinas. Where do you and your colleagues go to unwind after work? Please email Amanda S. Cline at acline@lascolinas.org.

“Virtual Kidnapping”: Modern Extortion
Phone ScamVirtual Kidnapping is on the rise. A virtual kidnapping is an extortion scheme, in which a criminal demands money from a victim by phone while pretending to hold captive a victim's loved one. In most cases, the information they are obtaining is from social media. They then call up a loved one or a parent and usually say we have your child/sister/aunt etc. and will have someone make a noise in the background, with your adrenaline running your brain takes over, making you think it is, in fact, your loved one. In the event this happens please notify the Police department immediately.

Beat the Heat

1033 Kinwest Parkway, Irving TX 75063
972-506-SWIM (7946) • info@guardianswimschool.com

Located in the heart of Las Colinas, the center offers a variety of programs in a state of the art indoor facility. Our pools are maintained to the highest of standards and the warm temperature (87 – 90 degree F) is perfect for our swim programs!


5001 N MacArthur Blvd., Irving, TX 75038 • 972-756-086

Year-round campus aquatic center offers an indoor pool with open & lap swim times & regular classes.
Monday: 5:30–6:30AM, 11:30AM–2PM
Tuesday: 5:30–6:30AM, 11:30AM–2PM, 6:30–9PM
Wednesday: 5:30–6:30AM, 11:30AM–2PM
Thursday 5:30–6:30AM, 11:30AM–2PM, 6:30–9PM
Friday 5:30–6:30AM, 11:30AM–2PM, 6:30–9PM
Saturday 1–6PM
Sunday Closed

Featured Business Q and A

Owner, Heather Stroup, opened her restaurant doors in Irving/Las Colinas over a year ago to provide top-notch customer service and excellent food. Sauce is a conceptually unique eatery that combines America’s two most popular cuisines, Italian and Mexican.

Stroup has been in Irving/Las Colinas area since the mid-nineties and claims “This area has a lot to offer! The multicultural demographics are very welcoming to someone who isn’t from here.” Stroup credits her success to providing excellent customer service.

What do you recommend from the menu?
Stroup: Pizza, definitely the pizza.

What inspires you? What makes you get up everyday?
Stroup: To see if I can do something different, to compete with myself. I want to see how high I can go. It’s the thrill of success. I like the challenge.

Not only does Stroup own and operate Sauce but the self-labeled “serial entrepreneur” is one of approximately 60 independent owners within Salons in the Plaza located on North O’Connor. Salons in the Plaza specializes in hair, skin, nail services and includes an all-encompassing gift shop with candles, clothing, makeup, gifts and other items.

Restaurant Review: Afrah Mediterranean Grill
3351 Regent Blvd. # 140 • Irving, Texas 75063
By Amanda Star Cline

My lunch partner and I went to Afrah’s on a Wednesday and had the lunch buffet. The restaurant was pretty busy but there was available seating and we were seated quickly. I didn’t see many dirty tables because staff kept up cleaning after patrons had left. Be sure to have your cash/cards ready because you will need to pay for your buffet upon entering.

One of the first things you notice is the roomy dining area, a nice and open space with plenty of natural sunlight coming in through the large store front windows. Aside from an open dining area, there is a dessert bar with baklava, assorted pies and desserts situated behind refrigerated glass cabinet. Beyond the dessert bar is an espresso machine and an open kitchen where you can see how the food is prepared. By the way, every item on the buffet was clearly labeled which was great!

The lunch buffet gives you just the right amount of options but is small enough to where it's refreshed frequently. The items on the buffet line were fresh, not one cold item on the hot line, not one withered piece of green; everything was crisp which is a rarity in food buffets, in general. I got a little of everything but my favorites were the fresh hand-sized pita bread, creamy lentil soup, okra, chargrilled Chicken Kabob and the Vegetable Biryani. I can’t say enough about the Vegetable Biryani! It was delicious! The saffron note was perfectly balanced, noticeable but not overwhelming. The Vegetable Biryani is also gluten free and vegan. Afrah’s has quite a few gluten free and vegan options.

After lunch we had coffee-highly recommend the coffee post dinner for a pick-me-up and closing to your meal. Their orange custard dessert tastes like an orange creamsicle who decided to partially shed their childish sickly sweet tang in light of a more mature sophisticated citrus feel. It is a must try!

Don’t forget to get an order of baklava, cashew and/or pistachio, both were amazing! Rich, sweet, nutty flavor with crispy texture! I will make a special trip just for a half dozen of these.

In addition to the lunch buffet, Afrah’s has a full dinner menu with items such as Tabbouleh, Gyros, chicken shawarma, falafel, warbat, brown kanafeh, and a variety of meat kababs.

Restaurant Review is a monthly section where I evaluate local restaurants so you don’t have to. Who has time to check out all the cool places? I’ll tell you exactly where to go for quality food and a great experience.


Did you know?

starbucks logo

There's a hidden Starbucks located between Decker Court and John Carpenter Freeway inside the Vizient building!
290 E. John Carpenter Fwy
Irving, TX 75062


Underground Indian Cuisine

You can find an Underground Indian Restaurant on Las Colinas Boulevard in the Urban Center!
220 E Las Colinas Blvd #264
Irving, TX 75039

Website »


Underground Indian Cuisine

There are select areas
where fishing is allowed

View fishing map »

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